Ep 33: Right Turn, Wrong Attitude

Cheer up! Sure, it’s Monday, but the boys are back in action and they HATE THE WHOLE WORLD! Beau starts off the show by laughing in Jeff’s depressed face. They console a listener who is also depressed, discuss unfortunate circumstances on the horizon for Jeff, entitled people, and rude street sweepers.  We love you all to literal death and THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE SHOW!
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  • Scottdoubleu

    no photoshopping needed on this one. Don’t know if it helps your situation, but I rear ended some dude (not butt stuff) and 6 months later I get a call from my insurance saying that he’s coming after me for $300k because he owns some construction business and he missed all this work cause his ankle was broken, and my insurance only covers $100k. I said thats weird cause he got out of his truck twice and walked over to me to make sure i was ok. Insurance said thanks for the heads up and I didn’t hear anything else about it. That was quite a few years ago. good luck brother!

  • Bobgar Ornelas

    a little late due to the cock up on itunes. Had to search the show again and download, and delete the old thread. I thought you guys skipped a week for the holiday. I shoulda knowed betta.