Ep 32 – Madder Than A Wet Cat

The dudes open up this week’s show talking about whether Jeffrey is losing his cuteness followed by a voicemail from Jeffrey’s dad about how pissed Jeffrey’s mom is at Beau for his portrayal of her. Beau tells a story about how he simultaneously saved an old woman’s life and pissed off his girlfriend in the process. Jeffrey tells a harrowing tale being held hostage by “mice” (aka rats). A listener submits a story in hopes of being cheered about her mom’s deathaversary. In the news, a Florida man is sentenced to a lifetime of not calling pizza joints. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS SHOW ITUNES!!! WE APPRECIATE IT AND YOU!!!

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  • Scottdoubleu

    sorry for the absence.

    • Jeffrey Jay

      HAHAHHAHAHHA. You… you’re perfect you.

  • Richard Cardenas

    All Jeff needs to do is sing a melody and put those “mice” to work. Make them EARN their keep.

    • Jeffrey Jay

      That is the cutest thing I have ever imagined in my dumb brain. I can’t wait to make this happen.