Ep 31 – Zika, baby!

Jeffrey Jay and Beau Bowker are reunited and the feels are so good! Jeffrey has been the subject of an important forthcoming documentary about being transgender and the controversial “bathroom bills.” In less impressive fashion, Beau is returning from a Catalina family vacation where he secretly took pictures of a stranger, became karaoke famous, and didn’t meet Billy Zane. In the news, the guys talk about the Zika virus and its effects on tourist sex in Florida. Before leaving, Beau lets everyone know that he has posted his video of a floor gymnast’s inner monologue over on www.GoodNewsBadNews.com. Lastly, the fellas ask that you please leave a comment on the show’s iTunes page! Go! Do it! Now! Please? Thank you all for the love and support!

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Show Notes


  • Michael Peters

    One of my favorite moments this week was Jeff telling a story, casually referencing his ex, and Beau throwing in an Australian “oy” and Jeff continues his story. It happened so quick but was a great little moment

  • Bobgar Ornelas

    Billy Zane Train!

    • Jeffrey Jay

      OMG! The fucking Zika head. GD you’re amazing.