Ep 29 – The Bloom Shroom

Jeffrey Jay and Beau Bowker kick off your week with a discussion about their chest hair or lack thereof and what a woman (or gay dude) prefers. Beau used to wet the bed and the guys open up an important dialogue on pooping your pants. Orlando Bloom’s nude pics on holiday with Katy Perry, Jeffrey’s new app (Acorn) for investing in his future, the importance of planning ahead, and man’s tendency to self-sabotage.
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Show Notes

  • Good News:
    • Orlando Bloom:
    • Unknown


  • Justin Baltutat

    So is that one of those shadow monsters I always hear about on all the paranormal shows?

  • Richard Cardenas

    We should all feel so generous that the nude gods and the photo gods came together to gift us with Bloom Shroom in all its half erect glory. Also, Katy Perry looking like she’d rather be ANYWHERE else is the icing on the tip or whatever.

  • Bobgar Ornelas

    A little late but here you go!