Ep 28 – Awkward Underwear

With Jeffrey Jay stuck in Chicago, the good news is that Beau Bowker gets to have on two guest! Awkward Human Survival Guide authors and podcasters Adam Dachis and Erica V. Elson join Beau to talk shoelace life hacks, a dating site for (white) sea captains (link below), moving in with your significant other, Beau’s internet non-proposal proposal, and lingerie for men (upsetting pictures below). Listen, laugh and get some insight on domestic partnerships and how to dress your junk to impress your hunk! Or something! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE SHOW WITH YOUR FRIENDS! PLEASE KEEP SPREADING THE GOOD (AND BAD) NEWS!!! 


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Show Notes: 

Find your first mate on Sea Captain Date! No seriously, this is a thing in the world.


  • Derek States

    Here’s another one to add to your know underwear repertoire of known underwear: the half-thong.

    • Justin Baltutat

      Even the guy modeling this has a look on his face like “What the fuck am I wearing?”

  • Bobgar Ornelas

    What’s wrong with boxers?
    Yes, my underpant life is dull. I like it that way.