Ep 26 – Pokemon Go F Yourself

Jeffrey Jay opens the show by giving listeners a behind the scenes account of what it’s like to work with Beau Bowker and his mouth farts.  Check out goodnewsbadnewsshow.com to see the full video. The guys tell you the good news about Snapchat and that weird old show, Dinosaurs. Pokemon Go has captivated the globe and Jeffrey’s heart.  Beau went “Caucasian” water rafting and finally became a man.  The guys read the Comment of the Week and take a listener submission from Jeffrey’s old flame and Beau reveals that he doesn’t believe in bi-sexual men. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!!! LISTEN, LAUGH, AND SHARE THE SHOW WITH A FRIEND!!! 
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Show Notes

  • Good News: 
    • Pokemon GO
      • imgres
    • White Water Rafting
  • Bad News: 
    • Mouth Farts


  • Bobgar Ornelas

    Still listening to the episode, but I had to go with the obvious choice for the logo tweak.
    I am currently without phone. For the first time in my life I dropped my phone and broke it. (bad news)
    I understand the criticism of Pokémon Go players hurting themselves and being a nuisance BUT since buying a condo together with Angie, my opposite sex life mate, we’ve been doing a lot of walking. In the past two months we’ve seen women walking with strollers, women with kids, women with tiny dogs and kids walking, an occasional man with a dog. Since last week I saw two different men walking with their sons. Sons carrying a phone, one wearing a Pikachu cap. This is definitely good news. I don’t see many men actively participating with their kids during the week and if it takes a stupid celly game to do it, I’m all for it. Plus people are actually going outside! Like, you know, away from the tv. Sure they still have a screen in their face, but baby steps.
    The question is; will I play the game when I get my new phone?

  • Bobgar Ornelas

    Props for the Basedow reference. Killer hair that guy.

    • Beau

      I appreciate that, my friend. I wanted to talk at length about Basedow on this week’s episode, but we ran out of time. Happy you picked up on it.

  • Alecia Howard

    The crotch grabbing was the best part of the mouth farting video ??? Love you guys, love the Pod!! Keep up the great work!


    P.s. Beau is right on this one…Pokemon Go can suck me.

    • Beau

      God bless you, Alecia hahah