Ep 24 – God is a Diva

Happy 4th of July! Get the good news and bad news about America’s birthday, plus Jeffrey teaches kids about being transgender and Beau talks about the dream of hooking up with your babysitter.

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It’s America’s birthday and the dudes are here to tell you the pros and cons of the 4th of July, including fireworks, traffic, day drinking, the Declaration of independence, and burning flesh!

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 Jeffrey Jay teaches kids he babysits about being transgender and his gayness, which is a far cry from life back in Texas. A little girl has some questions for Jeffrey and winds up hurting his feelings. 

Listener submission time! Derek wants to know what the heck could possibly be bad news about hooking up with your babysitter. 

In the news, folks in Kentucky are building a real life Noah’s ark! (see below for link to the article). The guys wonder what it was like to be Noah, trying to stop all the animals from banging, and Beau Bowker wants to know why God used to be such a diva birch. 

Thank you for tuning in and sharing the show with your pals! Have a happy and safe 4th of July, and a real nice life in general! 

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Show Notes


Happy 4th of July!

Kids are dumb!



  • Justin Baltutat

    The terrible driver you were thinking of is Rebecca Gayheart. Weird sidenote: her career recovered from her murdering a little Mexican kid but couldn’t recover from the leaked video of her, her husband, and a Playboy model naked smoking weed in a bath tub. Because priorities.

    • Beau

      YES! That’s her. Yikes, that’s awful… but uh… can you help me get my hands on that tape? Asking for Jeff.

  • Bobgar Ornelas
    • Beau

      You made our logo Asian?!

  • Richard Cardenas

    Carrie Strug was in the alternate reality Beverly Halls 9O210. How is this not widely known?
    Also, instead of a Porse, why not a Pis?

    • Beau


  • Derek States

    So my babysitter is five years older than me, so when I was eight, she was about thirteen. I think she babysat me off and on for about four years. I never did find out when the thought popped into her head. Also, if it does sound like I got molested, then at least I was the target of an older woman, and not the other way around.

    • Beau

      I have never been so hard in my whole life. You are a hero, Derek. God blesses you.

  • Scottdoubleu

    racking my brain on how to make a hot 8 year old shirt?