Ep 23 – Spay and Neuter Your 8 Year Old

Beau and Jeffrey talk about what it takes to be a hot 8 year old.

The boys have moved up in the world and are officially allowed inside the house! Recording from Jeffrey’s bedroom naturally they discuss A LOT of gay stuff from movies to pornography. Beau and Jeff have a HUGE announcement that the Good News Bad News Show has joined The Awkward Human Podcast Network! That means a new website for feedback and other goodies! Sophia C writes in about her son searching for “hot 8 year olds” on the internet and Bob Barker wants to make all animals digital. THANK YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH FOR SHARING THE SHOW and letting us into your house rent free!

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Show Notes

  • Good News: NEW EVERYTHING!

Back Scratcher or masturbator?!

The new studio!

The new logo!

MeOW, you’re on my hair!


  • Scottdoubleu

    Is this where i post shirts?

    • Jeffrey Jay

      Yaaaaaaas! But I also love seeing them on the twitters. I also love… you.

  • Bobgar Ornelas


    • Jeffrey Jay

      This is magnificent, Bobgar the Great!

      • Bobgar Ornelas


  • Richard Cardenas

    Beau knowing about Carrie Strug is everything. Did you also know that she had a cameo in 90120 after her gold medal win? #GoForTheGold