Ep 21 – Gay Pride: Bad News, Great Outfit

The fellas open up on a somber note, acknowledging the tragic terrorist attack at an Orlando nightclub. Jeffrey and Beau explain that this episode about Gay Pride was recorded BEFORE the tragedy.  Thennnnnn, the actual show starts! And the dudes make a lot of jokes about Gay Pride! All in love and good fun, of course. So cool it, sensitive Sallys! Beau picks on Jeffrey for his awful / wonderful outfit he picked out for the pride festival. The guys talk about the ridiculous, hilarious things that go on at the gay pride parades, including gimp suits and little people Read More!

Ep 20 – A Marathon to End All Marathons

The dudes talk about Jeffrey Jay’s work as a manny and kid’s fitness expert, plus his expertise in toddler bowel movements.  Beau Bowker gives an update on the lesbian softball players.  In the news, the dudes break down the slaying of Harambe the gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo, crappy parenting, and a drunken Ohio man that pooped on the self-checkout kiosk at a Krogers like a GD hero! Contact the guys at goodnewsbadnews@awkwardhuman.com and follow them on Twitter @GNBNshow.  THANK YOU  FOR ALL OF THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!!! KEEP SHARING THE SHOW WITH YOUR INTERNET PALS!!! Want to make sure Read More!

Ep 19 – #StayedThisWay

This week, the dudes fill you in on a romantic getaway, their blossoming fame, and help a listener plan her baby’s gender reveal party, all while offending every single sensibility you may have. Jeffrey’s boyfriend has a staycation planned for the two lovebirds at the haunted Queen Mary. Beau talks about what happened to Jesus after he rose from the tomb. FamousBirthdays.com is making Beau and Jeffrey more famouser than ever and you can help too! Lastly, resident pregnant listener @DeeHyphenAnn gets advice on gendering her sweet baby. You can submit to The Good New Bad News Show too! Email Read More!

Ep 18 – Always Start with a Lie

Jeffrey and Beau kick off this brand new episode by changing up their intro once again and reminding everybody that this show is about seeing the world the way you want and being positive.  Jeffrey has a bone to pick with Beau about going to the farmers market without him.  Beau counters by explaining that he is the best, nicest person in the world because he does things with old people.  A listener submits a story about a rough start on a new job and the virtue of honesty.  The listener also offers an update on his previous submission regarding Read More!

Ep 17 – The Bad Boys of Podcasting

Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay switch things up and let you know that they’re not the soft, sweet podcast you need… this is the bad boy podcast you WANT! Jeff has a boo boo from lifting babies and Beau sort of almost cheers him up. A listener writes in about her meeting with Alton Brown– yes, THE Alton Brown! And the guys talk about the pitfalls in meeting your hero. In the news, Justin Bieber lets Instagram know some bad news for his adoring fans. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, LAUGHING AND SHARING THE SHOW WITH YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS!!! Want to Read More!

Ep 16 – Sit and Spin

Happy Mother’s Day, folks! Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay are back in action, and they want you to sit and spin with them and their new breakdancing crew.  The guys let you know their good news and bad news, including Jeff’s new place and Beau’s new mom.  A listener hates her best friend’s baby and the fellas weigh in on how to turn that frown/baby upside down.  In the news, a Florida lady hits the jackpot when she finds some sperm in her KFC chicken sandwich. Want to make sure you catch all the episodes of Good News Bad News? Read More!

Ep 15 – Jerking In

The guys get the show started by complaining about how they start the show. Jeffrey Jay has some good news about his living situation and his new neighbor: Beau Bowker!  Plus, Jeffrey had a real nice Thai massage. Getting into some listener mail, a lesbian was cut by her softball team and a serviceman is reported to his supervisors for a Facebook post about the future of gender identification.  Lastly, the guys tackle the biggest story from the NFL Draft in Laremy Tunsil, his Twitter hack, his Instagram hack, and the video of him smoking out of a gasmask bomb Read More!

Ep 14 – Princess and the Pee

The guys are back in studio together again!  Jeffrey Jay and Beau Bowker give you the good news (and the bad news, too) about Beau’s pricey purchase and Jeffrey’s ex foiling his recent chance to be on MTV.  The show is dedicated to listener submissions where the guys cheer up some folks, including a guy who lost his job right before a Vegas trip and a trip to Comic Con, a lady has to shave her head, and a boyfriend tries to comfort his lady after an embarrassing moment in the bedroom. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING Read More!

Ep 13 – The Pleasure Chest

This week in the news, we learn that Beau Bowker wishes he was a gay guy and Jeffrey Jay stripped at a comedy show.  Plus, a Tulane University fraternity is stirring up trouble because they built a Donald Trump wall around their frat house and Ted Cruz has a history of trying to ban sex toys.  Jeffrey and Beau discuss censorship on college campuses and smuggling dildos. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND TELLING A FRIEND!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!! Want to make sure you catch all the episodes of Good News Bad News? Subscribe to the show!    

Ep 12 – Reverse Cow Person

A sweet new theme song from Fiverr opens the show before Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay get into their long distance podcast about a health scare in Jeff’s family and Beau’s crippling trip to Hawaii.  In the news, a new app called “Yes to Sex” documents consent between sexual partners and Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star is getting dumped on.  The dudes take a listener submission from Twitter (@GNBNshow) and read an iTunes review.  THANK YOU GUYS FOR LISTENING AND MAKING THE SHOW A SUCCESS!!! WE LOVE YOU SO GOOD!!! AND WE CONSENT!!! Want to make sure you Read More!