Ep 31 – Zika, baby!

Jeffrey Jay and Beau Bowker are reunited and the feels are so good! Jeffrey has been the subject of an important forthcoming documentary about being transgender and the controversial “bathroom bills.” In less impressive fashion, Beau is returning from a Catalina family vacation where he secretly took pictures of a stranger, became karaoke famous, and didn’t meet Billy Zane. In the news, the guys talk about the Zika virus and its effects on tourist sex in Florida. Before leaving, Beau lets everyone know that he has posted his video of a floor gymnast’s inner monologue over on www.GoodNewsBadNews.com. Lastly, the Read More!

Ep 29 – The Bloom Shroom

Jeffrey Jay and Beau Bowker kick off your week with a discussion about their chest hair or lack thereof and what a woman (or gay dude) prefers. Beau used to wet the bed and the guys open up an important dialogue on pooping your pants. Orlando Bloom’s nude pics on holiday with Katy Perry, Jeffrey’s new app (Acorn) for investing in his future, the importance of planning ahead, and man’s tendency to self-sabotage.

Ep 28 – Awkward Underwear

With Jeffrey Jay stuck in Chicago, the good news is that Beau Bowker gets to have on two guest! Awkward Human Survival Guide authors and podcasters Adam Dachis and Erica V. Elson join Beau to talk shoelace life hacks, a dating site for (white) sea captains (link below), moving in with your significant other, Beau’s internet non-proposal proposal, and lingerie for men (upsetting pictures below). Listen, laugh and get some insight on domestic partnerships and how to dress your junk to impress your hunk! Or something! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE SHOW WITH YOUR FRIENDS! PLEASE Read More!

Ep 27 – Urine The Money

Beau Bowker opens up with a new made-up song and convinces Jeffrey Jay that it is Iggy Azalea’s latest track, and they discuss the reaction to last week’s episode and the infamous Mouth Farts Video.  Beau recently learned all about Growlr and Jeffrey educates all of us on the array of different gay dating and hookup sites, ultimately leading up to the age old question: How much would you sell your pee for?  After the break, the guys get into the Comment of the Week, which sings the praises of Pokemon Go.  Jeffrey and Beau discuss the nature of father-son Read More!

Ep 26 – Pokemon Go F Yourself

Jeffrey Jay opens the show by giving listeners a behind the scenes account of what it’s like to work with Beau Bowker and his mouth farts.  Check out goodnewsbadnewsshow.com to see the full video. The guys tell you the good news about Snapchat and that weird old show, Dinosaurs. Pokemon Go has captivated the globe and Jeffrey’s heart.  Beau went “Caucasian” water rafting and finally became a man.  The guys read the Comment of the Week and take a listener submission from Jeffrey’s old flame and Beau reveals that he doesn’t believe in bi-sexual men. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF Read More!

Ep 25 – Wang Slang Sally

On this episode, Jeffrey Jay is excited about living in an alternate reality while Beau is living in a Bon Jovi world. The boys announce their comment of the week and give a few shout outs. We get an update from last week’s babysitter story which reminds Jeffrey of the famous Texas City sport of wang slangin’. Then our listener submission is from the show’s designated lesbian. We love you all to the moon and back! Thank you for being a part of our big dysfunctional family and let us know in the comments what’s going on in YOUR life so we Read More!

Ep 24 – God is a Diva

Happy 4th of July! Get the good news and bad news about America’s birthday, plus Jeffrey teaches kids about being transgender and Beau talks about the dream of hooking up with your babysitter. Want to make sure you catch all the episodes of Good News Bad News? Subscribe to the show! It’s America’s birthday and the dudes are here to tell you the pros and cons of the 4th of July, including fireworks, traffic, day drinking, the Declaration of independence, and burning flesh! Listeners are already leaving awesome comments on the new website, goodnewsbadnewsshow.com, and you can too! Don’t wuss out!  Jeffrey Jay Read More!

Ep 22 – Decision 2016: Bottle Opener or Dildo

Recording in their brand new studio (a garage filled with mice and bugs), Beau Bowker and Jeffrey Jay are here to give you the good news and the bad news about a dildo that opens beer bottles, Jeffrey’s new sleeping situation, and Beau’s inability to le’go an adopted Asian kid’s Eggo. The boys get called out when Jeffrey’s mom does some fact checking, and a listener submits a story about the beej-less birthday blues. THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING AND SHARING!!! WE LOVE YOU SO BAD!!! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!