Jeffrey Jay: Trans Girl/Boy in a Virtual Reality World

Beau’s babies are already as racist as he is, Jeffrey is a pedophile who only likes kids who are over 30, and Beau’s kids will be raised with an interesting accent. Jeffrey shares how much he loves VR and the boys finally get to talk about about video games. Thank you for listening. We love you to the moon and back! 

Ep 39 – Beards and Babies

We’re back! And nothing will ever be the same. The guys have some major life changes to discuss, like the Rascal scooters, dignity and giving up on life. In Jeffrey Jay news, he grew a “beard”! and the guys imagine what it would be like if Jeff WAS a “beard.” As for Beau Bowker, well, he got engaged and found out he & his fiance are having twins (not necessarily in that order)! After that bombshell, the guys talk about a disturbing birth announcement through a Halloween pumpkin carving contest, what to name Beau’s babies (#nameBeausbabies), and how to reveal his Read More!

Ep 36: One Man Flash Mob

Today Jeffrey Jay opens the show with news that everything he owns is broken and his annoyance that his boyfriend doesn’t post pictures online. More excitingly, Beau Bowker IS GETTING MARRIED! Or is he? He isn’t. For the second time people think he’s engaged and it’s all very exciting. Jeffrey convinces Beau to let him help propose with a one man flash mob, and Beau talks weddings, flower girls, and presents. We love you all to the moon and back and thank you again for always tweeting, posting, and commenting. KISSY FACE

Ep 35 – Boys Have A Penis, And Girls Also Sometimes Have A Penis

A sweet new episode of the Good News Bad News Show opens up with Jeffrey Jay and Beau Bowker talking about the best career move imaginable: Jeffrey Jay, CHILD STAR!!! Next up, the fellas discuss the birds and the bees as explained to Jeff by a child, and embarrassing childhood photos. This leads to a recent news story out of Austria where a young woman is suing her parents for posting embarrassing childhood pictures of her all over social media. Beau and Jeffrey devise a plan for reparations with some awesome photo recreations. THANK YOU FOLKS FOR LISTENING & SHARING Read More!

Ep 34 – Lena Dunham vs. Odell Beckham Jr.: Two Men Enter, One Man Is Bitter

The dudes talk about Jeffrey Jay getting back onto testosterone and an upcoming sex romp to Navy Pier.  Beau Bowker goes on a rant about Lena Dunham (Girls) and her recent dust up with New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. at the Met Gala giving rise to a discussion of political correctness, comedy, double standards and regular, single standards. Thank you folks for listening and for spreading the word about The Good News Bad News Show! 

Ep 33: Right Turn, Wrong Attitude

Cheer up! Sure, it’s Monday, but the boys are back in action and they HATE THE WHOLE WORLD! Beau starts off the show by laughing in Jeff’s depressed face. They console a listener who is also depressed, discuss unfortunate circumstances on the horizon for Jeff, entitled people, and rude street sweepers.  We love you all to literal death and THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE SHOW!

Ep 32 – Madder Than A Wet Cat

The dudes open up this week’s show talking about whether Jeffrey is losing his cuteness followed by a voicemail from Jeffrey’s dad about how pissed Jeffrey’s mom is at Beau for his portrayal of her. Beau tells a story about how he simultaneously saved an old woman’s life and pissed off his girlfriend in the process. Jeffrey tells a harrowing tale being held hostage by “mice” (aka rats). A listener submits a story in hopes of being cheered about her mom’s deathaversary. In the news, a Florida man is sentenced to a lifetime of not calling pizza joints. PLEASE LEAVE Read More!